THE NEW FACE OF FOOTBALL – “Out For the Season” By Patricia Moloney Dugas, Freelance Writer, Palm Springs, Calif. September 25th, 2011. Here is a live photograph I took from TV of Michael Vick being crushed by a new-age 350 pound behemoth. This is the state of the football carnage that is racking up numbers… Read More

—– NFL DRAFT ADDICTION by Patricia Moloney Dugas —–

NFL DRAFT ADDICTION by Patricia Moloney Dugas NFL Draft Week is upon us!  Not for a day or two, but a week of endless gossip, evaluations, prognostications, exposes, and endless reruns of college football. The new crop is primed and ready to launch into the NFL! All those anxious faces – sitting out there in… Read More —– NFL DRAFT ADDICTION by Patricia Moloney Dugas —–

—– Avidly Addicted to Tennis —–

                              TENNIS IN FLORIDA Okay, this was taken a few years ago in Winterhaven Florida, (that’s me in purple and cool shades), playing with  my cousin Margaret.  We played tennis at night – with the bugs. Big bugs.  This link is a page I created with players at the Virginia Slims tournament in Manhattan Beach,… Read More —– Avidly Addicted to Tennis —–

—– My Paintings website —–

This link will take you to a not-very-recent page I created at USC. I prefer working in oils for their vibrancy.  I prefer abstract compositions because – once I discovered negative space and bending things to fit into that negative space – I no longer needed representational space. Something like that. Some of my work is rather bleak.    … Read More —– My Paintings website —–